WATR Pathway

Restore Balance with WATR
An Innovative Care Path Built Through A Multidisciplinary Lens


We believe in client-centered care with an evidence-based approach. Our model was formed by our multi-disciplined team of experts. Our structured, supportive, and tranquil therapeutic environment is staffed with caregivers who understand the unique physical and emotional needs, helping women recover from eating disorders and trauma.


Fairhaven’s approach to nutrition stability and rehabilitation is founded on the evidence-based concepts of Intuitive Eating and the Satter Eating Competence Model. Our overarching guiding principle is to help you nourish your body and mind, not only so that you can reach recovery, but so you can experience joy in eating while living your life to its fullest.


Mind Body Interventions consist of a variety of therapeutic modalities such as yoga, meditation, breath work, and movement therapy. Clients gain a greater awareness of their emotions. This insight provides opportunities for greater integration of body and mind through increased emotional awareness, release, and regulation.


The clinical approach for treatment is a combination of specific interventions focused on skill-building/resource enhancement, emotion regulation, psychoeducation, and trauma-informed approaches. Our model not only provides the necessary psychoeducation on the impact of eating disorders but also provides education about trauma and how it affects every aspect of the human being.

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