Reclaim the Joy

The goal of the treatment team at Fairhaven is to help clients realize they have the strength within themselves to achieve healthy connectedness, both personally and with others. This process of self discovery helps our clients reclaim the joy in their lives.

Our Philosophy

Fairhaven is a Residential and Outpatient Treatment Center that provides adolescent and adult women with an opportunity for life-long recovery from eating disorders and disordered eating. We believe in a client-centered approach that uses evidence-based treatment within a model that provides continuity of care between residential and outpatient options.

We offer hope and compassion, especially for women who have experienced one or more eating disorder relapses, addiction treatment, attachment trauma treatment and other related interventions. We use proven evidence-based therapy for eating disorder symptoms and co-occurring problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), trauma and attachment disorder, or a history of addiction or substance use disorder, as well as other challenges that contribute to and perpetuate the disorder.

Our structured, supportive, and tranquil therapeutic environment is staffed with caregivers who understand the unique physical and emotional needs of women recovering from eating disorders, trauma and attachment disorder.

contiunity client-centered

Client Centered Treatment

Eating disorders are serious illnesses that require medical, nutritional, and psychological intervention. We will focus on family relationship dynamics, traumatic life experiences, attachment…

care continuity-of-care

Continuity of Care

Our range of treatment levels include residential care, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and individual therapy. You can access the level of care most appropriate for your needs, and…

bulb evidence-based-approach

Evidence Based Approach

At Fairhaven, we incorporate evidence-based therapeutic approaches to create a mind-body connection. Establishing a healthy relationship between both mind and body makes a powerful contribution to…

What They’re Saying

“I can’t imagine a more dedicated treatment team than the one at Fairhaven. Each member is 100% invested in what they do, and while there you can definitely feel that. I never truly believed that complete healing from an eating disorder was possible until I received treatment at Fairhaven.”

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