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Warm Welcome!!

January 26th, 2016

Welcome to our Fairhaven blog, a place we want to bring to life our mindfulness meditations and topics as they relate to those recovering from an eating disorder.  We want to offer or reader’s nutrition tips of the day, meal creation ideas, and food related advice to help develop healthy attitudes towards food.  Our staff is delighted to share expertise on our combined decades of experience working in the field of eating disorders and trauma. We want to show our appreciation to our dedicated staff, as we will spot light their hard earned achievements, accolades and community involvement in the treatment of eating disorders.  Most especially, we want this to be a place to find comfort in knowing that you are not alone on this journey of recovery.  We hope I hope you find our blogs hopeful, healing and helpful.

Fairhaven Treatment Center first opened its doors in April of 2014.  Within months of starting our Residential Program, Fairhaven expanded services to offer a Partial Hospitalization Program for our Residential clients ready to transition to a more independent level of care.  Since our opening, we have had the privilege of providing residential care for women from the Mid-South and beyond.  Our residential home is located on nine beautiful acres in Cordova, TN: a natural sanctuary where we offer individualized treatment for those struggling to transcend the mental, physical and emotional health crises that result from an unhealthy relationship with food.  Our presence in the community offered a much needed service, and we are proud to share that we expanded our facility to include our residential home and a new building that provides all of our outpatient services.  Our new outpatient center opened its doors in January of 2016, located just a few miles from our residential home in Cordova, TN. A heartfelt thanks to our friends, supporters, colleagues and members of the ED treatment community in the Mid-South and beyond that have helped Fairhaven establish a residential and outpatient treatment program to serve Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas.  Most of all, we are thankful for the opportunity to serve our clients as we share in their brave journey to reclaim the joy in their lives!

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