What do clients get out of Mind Body interventions?


The overall goal is for our clients to begin to listen to the need of their bodies so they can respond compassionately. The intention is to see the body as an integral part of the human experience instead of the enemy that holds trauma, regret, pain or even distain. The body is an ally who has tremendous capabilities to protect and heal. These interventions instill the importance of pausing to check in emotionally, physically, and spiritually. This allows for space from the cognitive chaos that can often exist with eating disorders. Once this space is found, it can be filled with authenticity instead of the demands of disorder.

How is Mind Body work beneficial in treatment of an eating disorder?

Although individuals with eating disorders are hyper focused on their bodies, they are often disconnected physically and emotionally. This is evident in an inability to recognize or respond to hunger, fullness, or exhaustion. Through Mindy Body work, communication is restablished between the mind and body allowing a deeper, more respectful connection. Movement may also be used to stabilize or mobilize emotions that are unidentifiable but need expressing and releasing. The body speaks its own language and has a story to tell. Through Mind Body work, we allow for integrative healing of the whole person.

What is a Mind Body session?

Fairhaven has a holistic clinical approach that caters to the mind, body, heart and spirit. We believe true healing occurs when all levels are given equal time and energy. A Mind Body session is a highly individualized session between a client and a Mind Body therapist in which interventions such as therapeutic yoga, movement repatterning, expressive and creative movement, Pilates, breath work, meditation, mindfulness, or expressive play may be utilized. Individual sessions allow for deeper, more vulnerable work as the client befriends her body and develops a secure attachment with herself.

Mind Body Work Enhances Clinical Treatment


The right brained interventions practiced with mind and body therapy help in healing the entirety of the person. They create new neural pathways allowing for deeper, lasting healing. They may improve heart rate variability, tidal lung volume, and lymphatic drainage. They can activate the parasympathetic nervous system bringing ease to symptoms of trauma, such as hypervigilance and fight or flight and freeze responses. They can also relieve symptoms that often accompany an eating disorder, such as gastrointestinal discomfort and anxiety. Mind and body therapy can also regulate mood while increasing cognitive, spiritual, emotional and physical flexibility. This allows the client to become more resilient and less stuck in the old, painful pattern of their disorder.

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