Financial Considerations

Please review the following information when making financial decisions regarding your treatment. Our admissions staff is happy to contact your insurance carrier on your behalf. We accept most major insurance providers and will work with you and your family to explore financial solutions to help you get the care you need.

Insurance Coverage

Fairhaven is a Residential and Outpatient Treatment Center and not an inpatient treatment facility. This distinction is important to your insurance carrier and there may be specific coverage language in your insurance policy regarding residential care.

Fairhaven Treatment Center is not a licensed provider for Tricare, Medicare or Medicaid. Fairhaven does accept insurance payments from multiple insurance carriers. We will be happy to discuss this with you as part of the initial assessment process.

Our admissions staff can contact your insurance carrier on your behalf to obtain information on your benefits coverage and discuss this information with you.

We will work with you and/or your family to assess the contribution you can expect from your insurance carrier towards your treatment, as well as your financial expectations. Upon request, we can also provide information on third-party financing options.

Should Fairhaven Treatment Center be right for you, our admissions staff will coordinate pre-authorization, insurance coverage, and payment for all treatment authorized by your insurance carrier.

Throughout the treatment process, our admissions staff will conduct ongoing review with your insurance carrier and communicate coverage decisions with you and/or your family in order to make fully informed treatment and financial decisions.

Your insurance carrier may require concurrent review of your medical records during your treatment at Fairhaven. When your carrier determines the medical necessity of treatment, it is normal to receive certification for only a few days at a time. Our clinical and admissions teams will be in routine contact with your insurance company advocating on your behalf and provide the necessary information for your insurance carrier to make a coverage determination. Keep in mind that Fairhaven Treatment Center has no control over the final coverage review decision and our reviews with your insurance carrier are no guarantee of coverage for the duration of treatment.

It is our experience that when clients and families that personally contact their insurance carrier to advocate for their treatment coverage needs often improves the insurance carriers understanding of their personal situation. This team approach from our counseling staff at Fairhaven and the patient and/or her family will enable the insurance carrier to have a full view of the treatment needs in order to make an appropriate coverage decision.

While considering residential treatment at Fairhaven, please keep the following items in mind:


  • We highly recommend a minimum commitment of 30 days to accommodate the intake process,  stabilization, and development of clinical and therapeutic progress.


  • The length of time for insurance coverage is not determined by Fairhaven. This is a determination of your insurance carrier. In the event that your  insurance carrier does not cover a minimum of 30 days of residential treatment, you should consider alternate means of funding non-covered costs associated with the treatment duration.


  • Fairhaven residential treatment works on a daily rate model that is inclusive of clinical, psychiatric, behavioral education, meals, lodging, daily living expenses such as laundry supplies, snacks and group outings.


  • Services that are not included in the residential daily rate include non-psychiatric medical care, hospital admission or emergency/acute care, lab/urine/blood/ECG testing, prescription or over the counter medications.