Fairhaven Wins 'Professionals Choice' Award for IAEDP Mannequin Art ContestFebruary 24th, 2016

For the first year since opening our doors nearly two years ago, Fairhaven Treatment Center participated in the 2016 IAEDP Annual Conference as an exhibitor.  In addition to attending, we also participated in the IAEDP Annual Mannequin Art Contest, themed 'Imagine Me What You See'.  For this contest, art therapists work with clients in treatment through decorating a mannequin of any shape and size, using mixed media, to explore feelings and express creativity as it relates to eating disorders.  Each mannequin has been uniquely named, and all submissions must include a written descripition and inspiration for the artwork, coupled with a biography of the artists and clients that participated.  Many treament centers across the country take part in IAEDP's annual body image art competition, in hopes of promoting a healthy awareness and acceptance of body issues.  

Our mannequin was constructed using cardboard, clay, fabric, feathers, ink, marbles, metal, paint, paper, plaster, plastic, wire, wood, and wool. Her production was a collective effort of creative visions, artistic talent and hard work.  Her description reads:

"Vulnerable, determined, creative and inspired, she yearns to break the mold of what women believe their bodies should be. She challenges the world to imagine her beyond what they see by outwardly displaying internal aspects of her self. Her internal parts describe what she is beyond her eating disorder, and goals that she possesses.  She stands tall and winged, holding the tools to conquer her eating disorder. Her face looks as though it has once experienced defeat, but is now expressive of mindful determination, with gently closed eyes, concentrating her energy into an opened third eye. Her colorful hair made of wool balls represents thoughts, none perfect or the same, but all treasured. Written across her bound torso are messages associated with overcoming negative body image, such as “suck it up” and “be pretty,” but emerging from her inner core are words, phrases and images that express internal hope. She is decorated with a sparkling heart filled with compassion, longing for love and attachment. She is marked with interwoven zentangles that symbolize her creativity, diversity and strength. She bears a red, mirrored stripe across her arm, representative of the emotional and physical hardships of self-harm. She holds an unlocked box of defenses that echo her inner core. In her outstretched arm she holds a mobile made of manipulated silverware, seeking eyes, and a Hamsa to help guard against the ills of eating disorders. Standing upon chains that once held her down, her legs are covered in inspirational messages that describe overcoming obstacles and promote recovery. She stands confidently and walks with caution because she knows she is valuable."

Fairhaven was proud to receive the 'Professionals Choice' award for our mannequin named 'Nothing Into Something', out of 15 total mannequin submissions from other treatment centers, nationwide.  We want to say thank you to all who voted for our mannequin, with a big heartfelt congratulations to all, especially to the staff and clients who diligently and passionately worked on this beautiful artwork. We look forward to participating next year!


Pictured Above:
Tom and Teri McCann, Founders of Fairhaven
Angela Quadrani, Community Outreach

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