Eating Disorder Treatment near Clarksville TN

“Personalized Eating Disorder Treatment for Women and Adolescent Girls”

Fairhaven Treatment Center provides multiple levels of care for eating disorder treatment near Clarksville TN. Each client receives a personalized care plan suited for their needs and goals. Our staff of fully-licensed therapists and dieticians will create a treatment plan specifically for you or your child. Our programs are highly rated because of our success rate and the compassionate care we provide.

If you live in or around Cleveland and are searching for a trustworthy, effective eating disorder treatment program, let us help you. Here, we specialize in eating disorder treatment for women and teen girls, offering varying levels of care.

Treat Your Physical and Mental Health with Proven Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating disorders have physical and mental side effects. The physical damage can be life threatening, but the mental damage can also be difficult to overcome. That is why we provide holistic eating disorder treatment near Clarksville TN. Not only will you receive dietary support from a nutritionist, but you will also receive counseling from a licensed therapist. Discover the root cause of the eating disorder and the underlying issues that contribute to it. From there, you can learn how to control your eating disorder symptoms and how to improve your quality of life.

  • Individual Counseling and Group Counseling with Complete Support from Our Licensed Therapists
  • Compassionate Care for Attachment Issues, Body Dysmorphia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Other Conditions
  • Family Participation Is Welcome – Ask about Our Family Days
  • Professional Advice from an Experienced Dietician
  • Personalized Solutions That Fit Your Lifestyle
  • Long-Term Support from a Trusted Eating Disorder Treatment Center near Clarksville TN
  • Cooperative Care – We Will Work with Your Referring Doctor or Therapist

You may set up a tour of our facility to get better acquainted with our programs. Contact Fairhaven Treatment Center at 844-757-7979 and ask about eating disorder treatment near Clarksville TN.

How Does Eating Disorder Treatment Work?

At Fairhaven Treatment Center, we offer partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient care, residential treatment, and transitional living accommodations. To determine if our care is right for you, we will ask you to fill out a packet and receive a physician’s approval. From there, we can discuss your treatment options. We will work with your insurance company to conduct a benefits analysis, and then we provide an exact cost of treatment. Once we find a solution that works for you, we can schedule treatment and set up housing accommodations, if needed.

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