Fairhaven Treatment Center has an internship program with the University of Memphis Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology, and Research (CEPR).

Fairhaven is the only residential clinic for eating disorders within a five-state radius, which allows the specialized treatment to go beyond symptom control. It is also the only approved eating disorder-focused practicum site for the UofM CEPR Department. The student practicum at Fairhaven, which typically lasts for one semester, provides experience to individuals interested in pursuing a career treating those suffering from an eating disorder.

“We are fortunate to have such a comprehensive and respected facility to send our doctoral students,” said Dr. Ovrebo “Fairhaven provides amazing and diverse hands-on training opportunities, while also educating the community on the complex and widespread issues of eating disorders.”

“Eating disorders are a new frontier within the Counseling, Educational Psychology, and Research discipline,” said Danielle Sample, counseling psychology doctoral student- at the UofM and intern at Fairhaven. “Coming from an addiction treatment background, and knowing that eating disorders are too often treated as such, it’s incredible to have this opportunity to work with and learn from the best and most knowledgeable clinicians in the area.”

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