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Mid-South Eating Disorders Association Announces Board, Hosts Inaugural Meeting

The Mid-South Eating Disorders Association (MSEDA) has announced its formation and board of directors, as well as its inaugural meeting on Thursday, March 1. MSEDA was formed as a community resource dedicated to the education, treatment and networking for all eating disorders treatment providers. “An eating disorder is a complex and chronic condition that can […]


Intervention Methods for Eating Disorders

By Dr. Teri McCann, PhD, CEDS Every path to recovery is different, no matter your disease. Regardless of which tactical method works best for you, the most important thing to remember on the journey to recovery is that compassion is crucial, and healing is not a linear process. Below is a list of some of […]


Warning Signs of an Eating Disorder

By Dr. Teri McCann, PhD, CEDS Circumstances that precede the development of an eating disorder can often be considered warning signs. While the two are related, it’s important to distinguish the differences. Some conditions may create an environment of heightened risk; however, knowing what signs to be aware of may help you determine if your […]